Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Ultimate Hangover Prevention

Good people of the world, every Saturday and Sunday morning my twitter and facebook feeds are covered with "I'm so hungover" posts and, being able to relate to this feeling I thought I should share my ultimate hangover prevention: don't drink alcohol. HAHAHAHAA, no seriously I actually have a hangover prevention, it completely works for me - I honestly haven't had a hangover in MONTHS since I started this, no matter how much I've drank. It works wonders and I love it and so I have to share it.

The recipe for a perfect head the next morning:
1: Drink a glass of milk before you go out - this lines your stomach - it will not help with a hangover but it will help with not having a dodgy tummy in the morning due to an eroded lining from acidic alcohol.
2: Go drinking :)
3: I usually try to stop drinking when I get to a pub around 12 because drink in pubs is expensive!! So I recommend ordering a big pint of water and drinking that instead. However there have definitely been nights where I drank all the way up to closing time and still used the hangover prevention perfectly
4: When you go home drink another glass of milk if you get sore tummy syndrome like me (this step isn't completely necessary if you don't).
5: THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT! Before you go to bed you need to drink a bottle of an isotonic drink such as lucozade sport or a generic brand equivalent. Isotonic drinks are used by people who are already hungover the next day or by sick people to rehydrate, however if you wait until you are already hungover it's a bit pointless rehydrating because you'll already be in pain. That's why you need to have it before you go to sleep so you will be perfectly rehydrated by the time you wake up.

Say it with me: milk, alcohol, water, milk, lucozade sport

If you want (if your tummy is always fine the next day -you lucky thing) you can just do the isotonic drink part and it should work the same.

Honestly this is probably my proudest discovery - it REALLY works and I love it. It is definitely worth a try to see if it works for you.

(I feel like I should add that I do not have shares in any milk or isotonic sports drink companies, just in case you were wondering :D)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Thin Thursday Week 3

Oh no. I have been very very very not good. For the past two weeks I have not followed my rules at all! I also ended up eating four star pizza AND chips in the same day (no one needs that much junk food) as well as white bread and not cutting out carbs as much as I need to. I've been scared to step on my scales, I actually had to force myself to do it this morning. It's not at all as bad as I thought it would be - I've lost one pound which is obviously nothing to write home about but I'm just glad I didn't put all the weight back on. So I guess my total weight loss is like three pounds or a pound a week. I am starting afresh from today, I'm gonna do my 30 day shred in a minute and I'll be back on track to being fabulous (-er ;) ) soon.

Also I realized my main motivation and driving force that's keeping me going is definitely the other thin thursday ladies, when I see their tweets about losing weight or when I was reading all their blogs earlier I was like "right Sarah - you need to get your head in the game", then I imagined myself in the scene from High School Musical where they sing that song and it was great and I can't let the god that is Zac Efron down, so; watch this space, I will be 12 pounds lighter and married to Zac in no time! :D

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Handmade Soap Company Hand Cream Review

All my life people have remarked at how soft my skin (especially on my hands) is. I presume it's because there's not much else nice you can say about my appearance so soft skin has to do.  I never used any creams or anything in particular to make them soft - I moisturize them about once a year with baby lotion as a treat! Then, maybe about a week ago I noticed my right hand was feeling really really dry and kinda scaly - I was completely shocked. So I rooted around my room to find something to help and I found my hand saviour - The Handmade Soap Company's Hand Cream. This cream is suitable for all skin types and contains aloe vera, evening primrose oil (which I always thought had to do with the menopause(?)), jojoba oil and vitamin E.

The cream feels really luxurious to apply and drys rather quickly. After one day my hands felt so much better and definitely a lot less scaly - (need to reiterate) after one day!! After three nights of using it my hands are completely back to soft and smooth. The packaging is quite lovely with a sort of vintage feel to it - definitely a dressing table product as the fabulous Marissa Carter would say.

                                           picture from The Handmade Soap Company website

The hand cream has won lots of awards including "Best Handcream" in the Irish Tatler Beauty Awards. There are four different types of the handcream - I have the grapefruit one although from what I can gather I don't think the hand creams differ that much from each other since grapefruit seed oil is the second to last ingredient in mine.

It does smell quite strong and medicinal which I'm not such a fan of but the scent is bearable and I guess it can be seen as a good thing that there are no artificial fragrances. At €11.95 for 50ml it's definitely not cheap (especially if your used to buying Tesco brand body lotions and creams) but I do think it is worth it for it's amazing ability to restore my hands to their former softness.
The Handmade Soap Company's Hand Cream can be bought here and costs €11.95

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Liebster Award


So there I was browsing through blogs on my blogger dashboard and I saw that Aisling from had been nominated for a Liebster Award! I had never even heard of this before since I've only been blogging like a week but I wanted to see what it was about and of course, congratulate her. So turns out the Liebster Award is something you pass on to bloggers who have less than 200 follows as like encouragement and token of appreciation of their blogging efforts which is an absolutely lovely idea! Reading on down through her blog anyway I was so shocked to see that she had nominated me as well as loads of other amazing Irish bloggers! I was actually so shocked I had to re-read it!

The rules

1. Nominate 11 up and coming or new bloggers (with less than 200 followers)
2. Divulge 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you asked
4. Tell the bloggers you have nominated and ask them to complete the same process with the 11 questions you set out.

11 Random Facts about myself
  1. I got a poem published in a book when I was 9 
  2. I spent two summers abroad - one in Canada and one in America 
  3. I'm kinda obsessed with getting post, sometimes I wait around downstairs for the postman to come even if I'm not expecting anything 
  4. I am a qualified speech and language therapist (no job yet though :( ) 
  5. I am insanely passionate about the empowerment of people with disabilities and people with ill mental health 
  6. I can fit my fist in my mouth (I only discovered that was a thing after mean girls). Actually speaking of; one day in college we were all looking at each others mouths to understand the shape and things and people called the lecturer over to show her how big my mouth is!! 
  7. I am a trained speech and drama teacher but I've never used my qualification 
  8. I was in the opera house pantos from about age 10-13, I was even in the junior chorus for some pantos! 
  9. I have never eaten a sandwich (I can eat cheese and pesto paninis and two types of subways though) because I can't stand food that I think should be hot when it's cold, also I just generally hate things that are put in between sandwiches 
  10. I used always read a lot of blogs and watch youtube videos but I was always too scared to comment on them in case the people thought I was weird - I try to make a conscious effort to comment on blogs I read now though 
  11. I can't remember my natural hair colour anymore 

Aisling's Questions

1. What's in your handbag today?

I am very boring - I have my purse, my ipod, my keys, barbra daly for tesco concealer and eos lipbalm! For a beauty junkie I really should have more stuff with me!

2. Who would play you in the movie depicting your life story?

Probably one of the orcs from Lord of the Rings...

3. Favourite comfort food?

Chocolate....the ultimate comfort food!!

4. What is your most prized possession?

Probably my laptop even though I seriously need a new one

5. What was your most embarrassing moment to date (can be anything!)?

Omg, so I was about 14 and in a Dunnes Stores in town and it honestly was absolutely jam packed with people! It was my very first time buying any girl time products so I was kinda nervous, I even bought a magazine so I could cover them away from other people in the store. Anyway I got to counter, obviously looking fairly nervous and the shop assistant held up the pads and shouted behind her "Tom, do you know how much these are?!", and ok everyone didn't stop and stare and me but some people did!! Then Tom (WHO WAS A MAN) spent ages (like literally about 4 minutes) looking for the price of them before he came back. I just wanted to run out of there the whole time, then the cashier turns to me and feels the need to ask me if I wanted a bag (OF COURSE I FLIPPIN WANTED A BAG - I WAS HOLDING A PACK OF ALWAYS!!!). Anyway I almost ran out of there with my friend peeing herself laughing at me!

6. Favourite song at the moment?

This is an impossible question - I guess "Love is Greed" by Passion Pit

7. Last time you cried watching a movie?

I cry during all the movies - my boyfriend had to stop The Muppets for half an hour before because I got so upset! I guess the last movie was Perks of being a Wallflower - I bawled the whole way through!!

8. What really makes you mad?

People using the r-word or s-word or generally mocking/being disrespectful to people with disabilities

9. If you could step into somebody else's shoes for day, who would you choose?

Metaphorically - then my friend Doris' because she always has an absolutely fab time, everyone is in love with her and brings happiness wherever she goes, she is also a total fox! Literally - probably my friend Anna's shoes because she has fab taste and owns a pair of magic Louboutins that get you hired!

10. Whose style do you admire and why?

Emma Stone because she just always gets it right

11. Best book you have ever read?

Eek - I'm really bold and don't read books, not since I was 15/16!! Harry Potter I guess?

My Questions

1: Why did you start your blog?
2: What are your favourite and least favourite parts of blogging?
3: What is your favourite clothes shop?
4: What is your dream job?
5: Do you think guys and girls can ever really just best friends or is there something more?
6: Age old question: Are you a cat or a dog person?
7: Cadbury or Galaxy?
8: Film adaptation of books or the original books?
9: Thing you miss most from your childhood?
10: Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ryan Gosling?????
11: Favourite way to spend your weekend?

       I Nominate 
(I picked all different people to Aislings nominations to spread the Liebster love as far as possible - I renominate all of Aisling's choices as well as these lovely girls below :) )

2: Avril Blushfulbeauty

5: Sarah Rara giggles

7: Audrey The nail-affair

9: Sharon Miss-greeneyes

Thank you so much to Aisling again for being so sweet to nominate me!! xxxx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Black and green basic clubbing eyes

I love these eyes because they are super quick and easy, and it doesn't matter if you make a mistake because it just adds to the overall look. I think black and green are great colours for clubbing because people tend to wear dark colours so the green gives it a pop of colour, also if the lights shine on it the right way it can look super cool!


Full List of products used:
Nyx eyeshadow base
Catrice eyeshadow in starlight espresso
Sigma E70
Essence colour arts eye base
Essence colour arts pigment in black sparrow
No7 eye colour brush
Urban Decay flat synthetic brush
Isa Dora eyeshadow (could not find a name for this - unforch)
No7 smokey eyeliner brush
Sleek gel liner in dominatrix
No7 eyeliner brush
Revlon Colourstay in Ivory
Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush
Sigma SS194 brush
Barbara Daly for Tesco Creamy concealer in fair
Essence eyebrow powder kit
Sigma SS266 brush
Catrice Volume plus length mascara
Nyx false lashes in 103 - sugarlicious
Collection 2000 The Cheek of It Lip and cheek stain

Monday, 14 January 2013

How to fix a broken powder

So, a few years ago when I was getting ready to go out and I was just about to apply my favourite Armani blusher when shock-horror - I dropped it. On the floor. And it smashed. Into tiny pieces. Followed by my heart.
I looked on the internet to find a way of fixing it because I really couldn't afford to buy a new one and it was only a about a moth old but the only solution I could find was to use rubbing alcohol to make it gel together. Living in Ireland, I had absolutely no clue what rubbing alcohol was or where I could get some, which I think I can attribute to it not being available in Ireland (or the UK I presume although I could be wrong). So I ran to my cupboard and went through every product I had that might be able to put my Armani back together again. And I found one that works really well and it's cheap as chips. Actually that's not technically true because it is in fact cheaper than chips.
I bet you're curious to know the miracle product?? The answer - Tesco Vitamin E Toner which will set you back less than two euro!

What you will need:
Tesco brand toner (just not the version for sensitive eyes)
Some kind of dropper, I used a dropper (funnily enough) but you can use a spoon

1: Put the powder container on a flat surface (with the broken powder inside)

2: Using a dropper if you have one squeeze out/pour some of the toner on the powder. It's best to do this drop by drop because otherwise the powder will just float up and spill out over the container

3: Repeat until the powder is mostly covered by the toner

4: Fold some tissue and use it to press the powder down which will force the powder and toner to fuse them together

5: Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary (generally repetition is necessary for "cheaper" powders
6: Leave for a few days until the toner has evaporated off leaving you with a lovely powder again. (by lovely I mean it will have the same colour pay off - the actual powder will probably look kind of strange and bumpy in the pan but the same is true when you use rubbing alcohol so there you are).


The Video

*make sure everything you use is clean, you're going to be putting the powder on your face so don't use anything you wouldn't want touching your mug....
* this will probably be messy so have tissues at the ready
* you may lose some powder when you are dropping the toner in but if you do it super slowly you'll reduce the amount.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nima Mitt review

Back in December at the bloggers meet up in Dublin, Niamh Martin of Nimabrush gave us a demonstration of her brushes (which can be purchased from here) and the Nima mitt. The nimabrushes were absolutely gorgeous and super soft but I was really intrigued by the mitt. It claims that it can take off all makeup using just water due to the tiny microfibres which the mitt is composed of, eliminating the need for different cleansers etc. As someone who definitely enjoys piling on the slap, especially for a night out I was somewhat dubious about the effectiveness of the mitt - it looked like it did remove make up but I wasn't entirely convinced there wouldn't be some residue left on the face, or that the mitt would be easy to clean. I am very happy to say I was completely wrong on both counts. Having just used the Nima mitt for the first time today I am beyond impressed with its powers! I filmed myself taking my makeup off with it for the first time and you can clearly see I'm left pretty shocked and speechless. The Nima mitt is also really easy to clean - just rub some bar soap (not liquid soap) on the mitt and rinse it out, then hang it to dry. The Nima mitt costs €12.95 and can be bought here. I would 100% recommend it, especially for general cleansing but especially for going travelling because it will cut down so much on the amount of things you'd need to pack with you (no more face make up remover, eye make up remover or cleanser needed). This is such a genius and innovative tool and I couldn't be happier or more impressed with it! This is a must buy!!!

My face before the nima mitt:

Halfway there:

All done (notice the look of shock):

Nima mitt after

Video of the whole amazing process:

Project "Lose a car tire" (thinthursday)

Since I was about 12 I've had problems with my weight - nothing that would severely damage my health but it did damage my self worth, a lot. I remember being 12 and boys in the park telling me I was fat (I was a size 8 - just with a belly!), I can remember my mom telling me I needed to start dieting when I was about 13, I can remember getting ready to go out places when I was 17 then deciding I looked awful and staying in crying, the list of feeling like a human elephant and its consequences goes on...  About 2 years ago I managed to lose 20 pounds but in the past year or so I've put back on 5 pounds of that and I have been gaining and losing and then gaining and losing weight all year which is super frustrating as I have been trying very hard to lose the weight, end up doing well for a while and then gaining it back. I could feel I wasn't properly motivated so when some of the lovely bloggers on twitter started talking about diets and exercise plans I joined in and the lovely Sarah (RaraGiggles) came up with the ingenious idea of a thinthursday tag on twitter that we could all use to talk to each other and support each other. I really think that this support group of amazing ladies is going to help me get my overly large a** in gear. As with any successful weight loss programme I've made a plan for myself to follow and have set a goal weight. My diet involves bits and pieces from "set programme diets" such as intermittent fasting, calorie counting etc as I don't believe in any one weight loss programme such as weightwatchers (at least not for me). So without further ado:

Plan Breakdown (Project lose a car tire)

Current weight:            136 pounds
Goal weight:                120 pounds
Total goal weight loss:  16 pounds (about the weight of a car tire)

Diet plan:
Don't eat before 12am (unless special circumstance e.g. feeling sick etc)
Drink two cups of liquid (tea/green tea etc) before eating breakfast
Don't eat after 8pm (again unless special circumstance)
No white bread (except for one slice after drinking if necessary)
Reduce amount of carbs with dinner by half
Only one glass of juice per day
Have snacks in room such as dried apricots etc that I can reach for if I'm hungry
Cook my own dinners some nights (I'm really weird with food so I tend to just have a bowl of peas or whatever vegetable for dinner if I cook for myself)
Alcohol is allowed but only vodka or light beer

Some moderate exercise at least three times a week

So I'm going to try my best and follow my rules and hopefully lose a car tire off myself... Best of luck to all the other girls out there doing thinthursday too, if you wanna join just use the #thinthursday tag xx

Other girls doing thinthursday (with bloglinks or twitterlinks): If I have left you out or you want to be added/removed let me know :)

Sarah -
Audrey -
Girl Friday -
Sarah -
Lorraine -
Tara -
Sharon -
Vicki -
Lisa -
Katie -
Celeste -

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Foundation Zero Minus Review

If you have ever seen pictures of me you know that I am superduper pale, and therefore I can find it quite difficult to get base products to match my skin tone (admittedly it is harder for my sister than for me because her face looks like it's made out of paper it's so white). That's why when I heard about white foundations that you could mix with a regular foundation to make sure it matches your skin perfectly I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. A perfectly matching base surely is one of the most coveted products in the beauty world and a white foundation can ensure that you will never have tide marks or never have to take off an entire base of makeup after realizing it looks just a tiny bit too dark (this tends to happen to me most often when transitioning from one season to another).

So away I went researching all different types of white foundations and I came across a good few such as Illamasqua;s skin base and Mac face and body but the stand out for me was the Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Foundation in Minus Zero. I got mine from as I found this to be the cheapest stockist of the foundation. This foundation is a dream, it mixes PERFECTLY with any foundations I've tested it with including Neutrogena healthy skin, Bourjoirs healthy mix, Lancome teint idole, and Rimmel stay matte - in fact I actually found that it increases the longevity of the cheaper foundations like the Rimmel and Bourjois ones.

Above is a splodge of zero minus on its own - see how pigmented it is!!

Below is a picture of two different bottles of Neutrogena healthy skin foundation which are both technically in shade classic ivory 10 however I lightened the one on the left. I know the picture itself is blurry but I think you can still see the colour difference!

 This is a swatch of both foundations with the unaltered classic ivory on the left and the zero minus/classic ivory mix on the right.

The foundation costs €38.00 from Cloud10beauty and while that probably makes it the most expensive foundation in my collection I think of it more as an investment piece since I can mix it with so many different foundations - kinda like investing in a good tailor to make sure your clothes fit perfectly.
The foundation comes in a pump bottle which is awesome for ensuring bacteria etc don't get into the product - a must for any product you will probably have in your collection a long time - and I'm sure I will. I have used it in both mine and my sisters foundations to make the shades paler and I have only used half a bottle, I imagine I will still have it in two years time and I know that as soon as I run out I will be repurchasing it.

I cannot recommend this foundation or cloud10beauty highly enough. You can purchase the foundation here. Also right now (until January 31st 2013) cloud10beauty are very kindly offering 15% off their products using the code CLOUD15OFF, so there really is no reason you shouldn't try it. Cloud10beauty deliver worldwide and offer free delivery to Irish addresses with orders over €50. You also get three free samples with each order and possibly one of my favourite things about the site: you can order samples of foundation to pick the right colour for you - genius!! 

Face Atelier also make colours to make your foundation darker - they have "zero plus" and "zero plus plus", somehow I don't think I'll ever need them though :)

Have you ever tried mixing foundations to lighten or darken the shade?

Monday, 7 January 2013

How I dry my brushes

Any person who knows make up knows the importance of brush upkeep. People generally have their method for washing their make up brushes down but I've noticed a trend when it comes to drying brushes. Obviously you can't dry brushes standing up or the water will go into the ferule and can cause shedding. What I have seen a lot of people doing is laying the brushes down flat on a towel, but this still hasn't convinced me that this is the optimal way to dry brushes to ensure they remain in great shape so I invented my own way to dry brushes to ensure no water ever goes into the ferule and to make sure the method of drying is hygenic - best of all it only costs about €1.50. So then my simple solution is (drum roll) the humble sock hanger
These can be bought in an euro shop etc for super cheap and they work perfectly - it is almost like they were invented to dry brushes! Basically I clip a brush in per peg, making sure the brushes are clipped more towards the handle than the hairs so that water will drip down and not backwards.

(Please excuse the terrible picture quality - I took this with a very old camera).

Here is a video I did on this if you want to see more....

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener Review

All my adolescent/adult life my nails have been horrific. They'ed crack and break constantly and bend really easily. When I took off nail polish it would hurt (surely nails are not meant to hurt?!) so I decided something must be done. I had heard great things about OPI Nail Envy on However being on the limited budget of a lady of the internet (unemployed) I really couldn't stretch to the €22.95 asking price. Instead I opted to try Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener thinking "it comes in a shiny silver bottle so it has to work, right?! - I mean it's implying my nails are going to be as hard as metal!" - (I am an advertisers dream).

The product blurb reads " this nail polish strengthens and builds up soft and brittle nails". It also says it contains formaldehyde and to see the warnings. The warnings are actually very hard to read as you have to peel back the bottle label and then peel back another layer in-between that to get the English warnings. Essence recommend you protect your cuticles with grease or oil, use as a max 3 week cure and after two days of application pause for one day which all sounds rather scary. Formaldehyde for those that don't know is a probable carcinogen (a cancer causing agent), therefore you should probably avoid contact with it as much as possible. Formaldehyde is the 9th ingredient in the hardener so we can take it that it's not full of the bad stuff (full ingredient list below). It's important to note though that many things are carcinogens such as burnt food - also (in my personal half-educated about cancer opinion) I would imagine that alcohol and cigarettes are much bigger causes of cancer than putting formaldehyde on your nails every now and then.

So keeping in mind this product contains a potentially dangerous chemical does it actually work? In a word, yes. I love this product, it has completely transformed my nails - they don't really break anymore, won't bend at all and are just all around amazing. I only use this product after I take off nail polish so I don't use it very regularly but I have really noticed a big difference. Despite the formaldehyde I would still recommend this and repurchase it, as long as it's used sparingly and with precautions I think it's worth it, especially for under €4.00...


Sunday, 6 January 2013

New years eve makeup tutorial

Here's a video of a new years ever make up tutorial. I think this look screams new years. I didn't actually wear this out on new years eve though because my friends and I just rented a house in the country so it wasn't exactly appropriate to bring a truck load of make up....these pictures sum up my new years quite well I think....

Anyway.....drunken antics aside (I don't have a clue what I was up to in the second picture?!) let's get on with the all important make up.

Here is the list of every single product used:

-Nyx eyeshadow base

-Catrice Eyeshadow - starlight expresso

-Prestige blending brush

-Essence colour arts eye base

-Essence colour arts pigment - 04 Broadway Starlet

-Urban Decay flat blending brush

-Nyx matt black eyeshadow (purchased from beauty emporium - (affiliate link)

-Sleek gel liner (purchased from beauty emporium -
(affiliate link)

-Elf angled eyeliner brush

-Make up forever HD foundation in 110

-Sedona Lace FB 07 brush

-Nyx concealer in porcelain (purchased from beauty emporium)

-Sigma SS 194 brush

-Essence eyebrow powder

-Lacura concealer pen from Aldi

-Make up forever HD powder

-Sigma SS 150 brush

-Nyx blush in taupe (purchased from beauty emporium)

-Catrice eyeshadow in grey's philosophy

-Elf blush brush

-Natural collection blush in rosey glow

-Sigma SS168 brush

-N07 High Lights illuminating lotion in pink

-Models Own lash curler

-Catrice Volume plus length mascara

-Primark lashes in allure

-Duo lash glue

-Urban decay liner in dime

-Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 08

....and here is the video of how I applied them. I hope you had a fantastic new years...

My Top Websites

So having been a student for the past four years and still not having found a job (darn you moratorium on hiring in the health sector) I have been left a lot of time to go online and discover really cool websites and blogs to occupy my time and inspire me in general and have inspired me to make this blog and just because I'm lovely I will list them down below....

I did a video on this here but you don't even need to watch it caused I'll spell everything out for you! I am that lovely. Note: I have left out all Irish blogs with the exception of because if I was to list all the amazing Irish blogs I would get some serious carpal tunnel syndrome....

In no particular order.....

1.  is arguably Irelands most famous beauty blog and it's easy to see why. It's full of amazing product reviews coupled with Irish humour. If I want an honest opinion of a product the first thing I do is type and then the name of the product into google.
2. The Berry  is definitely a website for girls. It features pictures of food, hot guys, clothes, make up and fashion. It's an all around awesome place to get inspiration.....
3. Imgur is one of my favourite sites ever, I go on it every single night before bed. Basically people just post random photos to a gallery every day. This website needs a warning though - you can get lost here for hours by accident so maybe set an alarm to make sure you don't get sucked in too much.
4. I waste so much time is a website where people post pictures which are usually funny, generally so you can look at said pictures and procrastinate. It's similar to imgur but it's updated less frequently.
5. Outsapop Trashion is a blog about diy fashion with sort of an environmenty vibe, it's hard to explain, just look at it.
6. Life in Pics is a really cool site with collections of pictures from editorials
7. P.S. I made this  is pretty much a ronseal job (it does exactly what it says on the tin). It features lots of fashion related diys, great for inspiration even if you don't copy the projects exactly.
8. We heart this is sort of like a non Irish in that different bloggers contribute and there is a community feel to the website. My favourite thing about the site is the "lipstick league" where the different bloggers share a post from the week.
9. The Beauty Department is a website about hair, nails and make up etc set up by Lauren Conrad, this website features ingenius tips and tutorials.
10. Behind the Seams an awesome fashion blog by a mesmerizingly stunning girl called Trang
11. Postsecret is an amazing website created by Frank Warren where people post in their secrets on a postcard and they are shared on the website creating a humbling/maddening/comical/depressing vibe depending on whose secret you're reading....
12. College Fashion a great website for college age girls with topics including fashion, beauty, dorm room decor and basically everything a girly college girl would be into. Also hautelinks are posted every friday which is a list of links to other cool websites and videos
13. College Candy similar to college fashion but can be a bit more adult if you catch my drift (drift: they talk about sex!!)
14. Stumbleupon is arguable the BEST website for procrastination. You click some of your interests and stumbleupon will bring you to countless web pages related to these, it's a great way to learn interesting facts and to discover new blogs and websites.
15. CouldIHaveThat is just a lovely blog - there's nothing in particular that makes it a niche blog or anything, it's just one of my favourites. Posts are about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more
16. Glitter and Nails is a french website with awesome nailspiration and glitters that fall from the mouse pointer
17. Thanks, I Made It is a very good diy blog
18. ReFab Diaries is an upcycling blog with great ideas and tutorials
19. Mariannan has to be one of the most beautiful and cool people in the world. She blogs about fashion and her life as well as home type things.
20. I Spy DIY fashion diys (you may have guessed by now that I really like diy)
21. A Beautiful Mess is a home decor, crafts, fashion, hair and makeup blog with lots of really great quality pictures
22. (studs and pearls) and A Matter Of Style: more mostly fashion diys

So now you can spend as much time as me :) Also if you do have any other recommendations (if anyone ever reads this) put them as comments down below :)

So evidently I have decided to start a blog.... well that's my first post done anyway. xx