Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Black and green basic clubbing eyes

I love these eyes because they are super quick and easy, and it doesn't matter if you make a mistake because it just adds to the overall look. I think black and green are great colours for clubbing because people tend to wear dark colours so the green gives it a pop of colour, also if the lights shine on it the right way it can look super cool!


Full List of products used:
Nyx eyeshadow base
Catrice eyeshadow in starlight espresso
Sigma E70
Essence colour arts eye base
Essence colour arts pigment in black sparrow
No7 eye colour brush
Urban Decay flat synthetic brush
Isa Dora eyeshadow (could not find a name for this - unforch)
No7 smokey eyeliner brush
Sleek gel liner in dominatrix
No7 eyeliner brush
Revlon Colourstay in Ivory
Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush
Sigma SS194 brush
Barbara Daly for Tesco Creamy concealer in fair
Essence eyebrow powder kit
Sigma SS266 brush
Catrice Volume plus length mascara
Nyx false lashes in 103 - sugarlicious
Collection 2000 The Cheek of It Lip and cheek stain


  1. Usually I don't even bother looking at videos that use coloured eyeshadow because I'm convinced they won't suit me.. But I loved this! Think I might try it out, your eyes really stand out :) x

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

    1. Awesome, thank you so much! If you try it send me a pic - I'd love to see it!! xx

  2. I really love green eyeshadow - this is right up my alley!

    1. so glad YOU liked it (that you was capitalized for a reason - feeling v honored that you have read something I wrote!!) :D

  3. Loved it :) new follower xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :) 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk


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