Monday, 14 January 2013

How to fix a broken powder

So, a few years ago when I was getting ready to go out and I was just about to apply my favourite Armani blusher when shock-horror - I dropped it. On the floor. And it smashed. Into tiny pieces. Followed by my heart.
I looked on the internet to find a way of fixing it because I really couldn't afford to buy a new one and it was only a about a moth old but the only solution I could find was to use rubbing alcohol to make it gel together. Living in Ireland, I had absolutely no clue what rubbing alcohol was or where I could get some, which I think I can attribute to it not being available in Ireland (or the UK I presume although I could be wrong). So I ran to my cupboard and went through every product I had that might be able to put my Armani back together again. And I found one that works really well and it's cheap as chips. Actually that's not technically true because it is in fact cheaper than chips.
I bet you're curious to know the miracle product?? The answer - Tesco Vitamin E Toner which will set you back less than two euro!

What you will need:
Tesco brand toner (just not the version for sensitive eyes)
Some kind of dropper, I used a dropper (funnily enough) but you can use a spoon

1: Put the powder container on a flat surface (with the broken powder inside)

2: Using a dropper if you have one squeeze out/pour some of the toner on the powder. It's best to do this drop by drop because otherwise the powder will just float up and spill out over the container

3: Repeat until the powder is mostly covered by the toner

4: Fold some tissue and use it to press the powder down which will force the powder and toner to fuse them together

5: Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary (generally repetition is necessary for "cheaper" powders
6: Leave for a few days until the toner has evaporated off leaving you with a lovely powder again. (by lovely I mean it will have the same colour pay off - the actual powder will probably look kind of strange and bumpy in the pan but the same is true when you use rubbing alcohol so there you are).


The Video

*make sure everything you use is clean, you're going to be putting the powder on your face so don't use anything you wouldn't want touching your mug....
* this will probably be messy so have tissues at the ready
* you may lose some powder when you are dropping the toner in but if you do it super slowly you'll reduce the amount.

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