Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Top Websites

So having been a student for the past four years and still not having found a job (darn you moratorium on hiring in the health sector) I have been left a lot of time to go online and discover really cool websites and blogs to occupy my time and inspire me in general and have inspired me to make this blog and just because I'm lovely I will list them down below....

I did a video on this here but you don't even need to watch it caused I'll spell everything out for you! I am that lovely. Note: I have left out all Irish blogs with the exception of because if I was to list all the amazing Irish blogs I would get some serious carpal tunnel syndrome....

In no particular order.....

1.  is arguably Irelands most famous beauty blog and it's easy to see why. It's full of amazing product reviews coupled with Irish humour. If I want an honest opinion of a product the first thing I do is type and then the name of the product into google.
2. The Berry  is definitely a website for girls. It features pictures of food, hot guys, clothes, make up and fashion. It's an all around awesome place to get inspiration.....
3. Imgur is one of my favourite sites ever, I go on it every single night before bed. Basically people just post random photos to a gallery every day. This website needs a warning though - you can get lost here for hours by accident so maybe set an alarm to make sure you don't get sucked in too much.
4. I waste so much time is a website where people post pictures which are usually funny, generally so you can look at said pictures and procrastinate. It's similar to imgur but it's updated less frequently.
5. Outsapop Trashion is a blog about diy fashion with sort of an environmenty vibe, it's hard to explain, just look at it.
6. Life in Pics is a really cool site with collections of pictures from editorials
7. P.S. I made this  is pretty much a ronseal job (it does exactly what it says on the tin). It features lots of fashion related diys, great for inspiration even if you don't copy the projects exactly.
8. We heart this is sort of like a non Irish in that different bloggers contribute and there is a community feel to the website. My favourite thing about the site is the "lipstick league" where the different bloggers share a post from the week.
9. The Beauty Department is a website about hair, nails and make up etc set up by Lauren Conrad, this website features ingenius tips and tutorials.
10. Behind the Seams an awesome fashion blog by a mesmerizingly stunning girl called Trang
11. Postsecret is an amazing website created by Frank Warren where people post in their secrets on a postcard and they are shared on the website creating a humbling/maddening/comical/depressing vibe depending on whose secret you're reading....
12. College Fashion a great website for college age girls with topics including fashion, beauty, dorm room decor and basically everything a girly college girl would be into. Also hautelinks are posted every friday which is a list of links to other cool websites and videos
13. College Candy similar to college fashion but can be a bit more adult if you catch my drift (drift: they talk about sex!!)
14. Stumbleupon is arguable the BEST website for procrastination. You click some of your interests and stumbleupon will bring you to countless web pages related to these, it's a great way to learn interesting facts and to discover new blogs and websites.
15. CouldIHaveThat is just a lovely blog - there's nothing in particular that makes it a niche blog or anything, it's just one of my favourites. Posts are about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more
16. Glitter and Nails is a french website with awesome nailspiration and glitters that fall from the mouse pointer
17. Thanks, I Made It is a very good diy blog
18. ReFab Diaries is an upcycling blog with great ideas and tutorials
19. Mariannan has to be one of the most beautiful and cool people in the world. She blogs about fashion and her life as well as home type things.
20. I Spy DIY fashion diys (you may have guessed by now that I really like diy)
21. A Beautiful Mess is a home decor, crafts, fashion, hair and makeup blog with lots of really great quality pictures
22. (studs and pearls) and A Matter Of Style: more mostly fashion diys

So now you can spend as much time as me :) Also if you do have any other recommendations (if anyone ever reads this) put them as comments down below :)

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