Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nima Mitt review

Back in December at the bloggers meet up in Dublin, Niamh Martin of Nimabrush gave us a demonstration of her brushes (which can be purchased from here) and the Nima mitt. The nimabrushes were absolutely gorgeous and super soft but I was really intrigued by the mitt. It claims that it can take off all makeup using just water due to the tiny microfibres which the mitt is composed of, eliminating the need for different cleansers etc. As someone who definitely enjoys piling on the slap, especially for a night out I was somewhat dubious about the effectiveness of the mitt - it looked like it did remove make up but I wasn't entirely convinced there wouldn't be some residue left on the face, or that the mitt would be easy to clean. I am very happy to say I was completely wrong on both counts. Having just used the Nima mitt for the first time today I am beyond impressed with its powers! I filmed myself taking my makeup off with it for the first time and you can clearly see I'm left pretty shocked and speechless. The Nima mitt is also really easy to clean - just rub some bar soap (not liquid soap) on the mitt and rinse it out, then hang it to dry. The Nima mitt costs €12.95 and can be bought here. I would 100% recommend it, especially for general cleansing but especially for going travelling because it will cut down so much on the amount of things you'd need to pack with you (no more face make up remover, eye make up remover or cleanser needed). This is such a genius and innovative tool and I couldn't be happier or more impressed with it! This is a must buy!!!

My face before the nima mitt:

Halfway there:

All done (notice the look of shock):

Nima mitt after

Video of the whole amazing process:


  1. The look of shock on your face when you realised your face was squeaky clean...priceless!! :) I haven't tried my one yet but you have made me excited!

  2. Haha ohmygod just wait til you do, I still don't even believe how well it worked! :)

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