Thursday, 10 January 2013

Project "Lose a car tire" (thinthursday)

Since I was about 12 I've had problems with my weight - nothing that would severely damage my health but it did damage my self worth, a lot. I remember being 12 and boys in the park telling me I was fat (I was a size 8 - just with a belly!), I can remember my mom telling me I needed to start dieting when I was about 13, I can remember getting ready to go out places when I was 17 then deciding I looked awful and staying in crying, the list of feeling like a human elephant and its consequences goes on...  About 2 years ago I managed to lose 20 pounds but in the past year or so I've put back on 5 pounds of that and I have been gaining and losing and then gaining and losing weight all year which is super frustrating as I have been trying very hard to lose the weight, end up doing well for a while and then gaining it back. I could feel I wasn't properly motivated so when some of the lovely bloggers on twitter started talking about diets and exercise plans I joined in and the lovely Sarah (RaraGiggles) came up with the ingenious idea of a thinthursday tag on twitter that we could all use to talk to each other and support each other. I really think that this support group of amazing ladies is going to help me get my overly large a** in gear. As with any successful weight loss programme I've made a plan for myself to follow and have set a goal weight. My diet involves bits and pieces from "set programme diets" such as intermittent fasting, calorie counting etc as I don't believe in any one weight loss programme such as weightwatchers (at least not for me). So without further ado:

Plan Breakdown (Project lose a car tire)

Current weight:            136 pounds
Goal weight:                120 pounds
Total goal weight loss:  16 pounds (about the weight of a car tire)

Diet plan:
Don't eat before 12am (unless special circumstance e.g. feeling sick etc)
Drink two cups of liquid (tea/green tea etc) before eating breakfast
Don't eat after 8pm (again unless special circumstance)
No white bread (except for one slice after drinking if necessary)
Reduce amount of carbs with dinner by half
Only one glass of juice per day
Have snacks in room such as dried apricots etc that I can reach for if I'm hungry
Cook my own dinners some nights (I'm really weird with food so I tend to just have a bowl of peas or whatever vegetable for dinner if I cook for myself)
Alcohol is allowed but only vodka or light beer

Some moderate exercise at least three times a week

So I'm going to try my best and follow my rules and hopefully lose a car tire off myself... Best of luck to all the other girls out there doing thinthursday too, if you wanna join just use the #thinthursday tag xx

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  1. 16lbs is defo managable, are you aiming to loose 1/2lbs per week? Great post :)

  2. Thank you :) I have no idea, I'll take what I can get because my scales is broken so I can't really tell how much I'm losing til I lose a good bit!

  3. I feel like the whole doing well and then gaining it all back is exactly like me! Best of luck with the weight loss and support all the way :D


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