Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Handmade Soap Company Hand Cream Review

All my life people have remarked at how soft my skin (especially on my hands) is. I presume it's because there's not much else nice you can say about my appearance so soft skin has to do.  I never used any creams or anything in particular to make them soft - I moisturize them about once a year with baby lotion as a treat! Then, maybe about a week ago I noticed my right hand was feeling really really dry and kinda scaly - I was completely shocked. So I rooted around my room to find something to help and I found my hand saviour - The Handmade Soap Company's Hand Cream. This cream is suitable for all skin types and contains aloe vera, evening primrose oil (which I always thought had to do with the menopause(?)), jojoba oil and vitamin E.

The cream feels really luxurious to apply and drys rather quickly. After one day my hands felt so much better and definitely a lot less scaly - (need to reiterate) after one day!! After three nights of using it my hands are completely back to soft and smooth. The packaging is quite lovely with a sort of vintage feel to it - definitely a dressing table product as the fabulous Marissa Carter would say.

                                           picture from The Handmade Soap Company website

The hand cream has won lots of awards including "Best Handcream" in the Irish Tatler Beauty Awards. There are four different types of the handcream - I have the grapefruit one although from what I can gather I don't think the hand creams differ that much from each other since grapefruit seed oil is the second to last ingredient in mine.

It does smell quite strong and medicinal which I'm not such a fan of but the scent is bearable and I guess it can be seen as a good thing that there are no artificial fragrances. At €11.95 for 50ml it's definitely not cheap (especially if your used to buying Tesco brand body lotions and creams) but I do think it is worth it for it's amazing ability to restore my hands to their former softness.
The Handmade Soap Company's Hand Cream can be bought here and costs €11.95


  1. Gah, I love this. I have one on my desk in work. xx

  2. I love the packaging! Burt's Bees handcream is also pretty awesome. x x


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