Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Ultimate Hangover Prevention

Good people of the world, every Saturday and Sunday morning my twitter and facebook feeds are covered with "I'm so hungover" posts and, being able to relate to this feeling I thought I should share my ultimate hangover prevention: don't drink alcohol. HAHAHAHAA, no seriously I actually have a hangover prevention, it completely works for me - I honestly haven't had a hangover in MONTHS since I started this, no matter how much I've drank. It works wonders and I love it and so I have to share it.

The recipe for a perfect head the next morning:
1: Drink a glass of milk before you go out - this lines your stomach - it will not help with a hangover but it will help with not having a dodgy tummy in the morning due to an eroded lining from acidic alcohol.
2: Go drinking :)
3: I usually try to stop drinking when I get to a pub around 12 because drink in pubs is expensive!! So I recommend ordering a big pint of water and drinking that instead. However there have definitely been nights where I drank all the way up to closing time and still used the hangover prevention perfectly
4: When you go home drink another glass of milk if you get sore tummy syndrome like me (this step isn't completely necessary if you don't).
5: THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT! Before you go to bed you need to drink a bottle of an isotonic drink such as lucozade sport or a generic brand equivalent. Isotonic drinks are used by people who are already hungover the next day or by sick people to rehydrate, however if you wait until you are already hungover it's a bit pointless rehydrating because you'll already be in pain. That's why you need to have it before you go to sleep so you will be perfectly rehydrated by the time you wake up.

Say it with me: milk, alcohol, water, milk, lucozade sport

If you want (if your tummy is always fine the next day -you lucky thing) you can just do the isotonic drink part and it should work the same.

Honestly this is probably my proudest discovery - it REALLY works and I love it. It is definitely worth a try to see if it works for you.

(I feel like I should add that I do not have shares in any milk or isotonic sports drink companies, just in case you were wondering :D)


  1. I will definitely have to try this... Yesterday's hangover had me out of action the whole day!! x x

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  3. I'm definitely gonna try this the next night out!! if it works I'll love you forever! :)

    1. I feel under pressure now, really hope it works for you :) xx


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