Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Liebster Award


So there I was browsing through blogs on my blogger dashboard and I saw that Aisling from had been nominated for a Liebster Award! I had never even heard of this before since I've only been blogging like a week but I wanted to see what it was about and of course, congratulate her. So turns out the Liebster Award is something you pass on to bloggers who have less than 200 follows as like encouragement and token of appreciation of their blogging efforts which is an absolutely lovely idea! Reading on down through her blog anyway I was so shocked to see that she had nominated me as well as loads of other amazing Irish bloggers! I was actually so shocked I had to re-read it!

The rules

1. Nominate 11 up and coming or new bloggers (with less than 200 followers)
2. Divulge 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you asked
4. Tell the bloggers you have nominated and ask them to complete the same process with the 11 questions you set out.

11 Random Facts about myself
  1. I got a poem published in a book when I was 9 
  2. I spent two summers abroad - one in Canada and one in America 
  3. I'm kinda obsessed with getting post, sometimes I wait around downstairs for the postman to come even if I'm not expecting anything 
  4. I am a qualified speech and language therapist (no job yet though :( ) 
  5. I am insanely passionate about the empowerment of people with disabilities and people with ill mental health 
  6. I can fit my fist in my mouth (I only discovered that was a thing after mean girls). Actually speaking of; one day in college we were all looking at each others mouths to understand the shape and things and people called the lecturer over to show her how big my mouth is!! 
  7. I am a trained speech and drama teacher but I've never used my qualification 
  8. I was in the opera house pantos from about age 10-13, I was even in the junior chorus for some pantos! 
  9. I have never eaten a sandwich (I can eat cheese and pesto paninis and two types of subways though) because I can't stand food that I think should be hot when it's cold, also I just generally hate things that are put in between sandwiches 
  10. I used always read a lot of blogs and watch youtube videos but I was always too scared to comment on them in case the people thought I was weird - I try to make a conscious effort to comment on blogs I read now though 
  11. I can't remember my natural hair colour anymore 

Aisling's Questions

1. What's in your handbag today?

I am very boring - I have my purse, my ipod, my keys, barbra daly for tesco concealer and eos lipbalm! For a beauty junkie I really should have more stuff with me!

2. Who would play you in the movie depicting your life story?

Probably one of the orcs from Lord of the Rings...

3. Favourite comfort food?

Chocolate....the ultimate comfort food!!

4. What is your most prized possession?

Probably my laptop even though I seriously need a new one

5. What was your most embarrassing moment to date (can be anything!)?

Omg, so I was about 14 and in a Dunnes Stores in town and it honestly was absolutely jam packed with people! It was my very first time buying any girl time products so I was kinda nervous, I even bought a magazine so I could cover them away from other people in the store. Anyway I got to counter, obviously looking fairly nervous and the shop assistant held up the pads and shouted behind her "Tom, do you know how much these are?!", and ok everyone didn't stop and stare and me but some people did!! Then Tom (WHO WAS A MAN) spent ages (like literally about 4 minutes) looking for the price of them before he came back. I just wanted to run out of there the whole time, then the cashier turns to me and feels the need to ask me if I wanted a bag (OF COURSE I FLIPPIN WANTED A BAG - I WAS HOLDING A PACK OF ALWAYS!!!). Anyway I almost ran out of there with my friend peeing herself laughing at me!

6. Favourite song at the moment?

This is an impossible question - I guess "Love is Greed" by Passion Pit

7. Last time you cried watching a movie?

I cry during all the movies - my boyfriend had to stop The Muppets for half an hour before because I got so upset! I guess the last movie was Perks of being a Wallflower - I bawled the whole way through!!

8. What really makes you mad?

People using the r-word or s-word or generally mocking/being disrespectful to people with disabilities

9. If you could step into somebody else's shoes for day, who would you choose?

Metaphorically - then my friend Doris' because she always has an absolutely fab time, everyone is in love with her and brings happiness wherever she goes, she is also a total fox! Literally - probably my friend Anna's shoes because she has fab taste and owns a pair of magic Louboutins that get you hired!

10. Whose style do you admire and why?

Emma Stone because she just always gets it right

11. Best book you have ever read?

Eek - I'm really bold and don't read books, not since I was 15/16!! Harry Potter I guess?

My Questions

1: Why did you start your blog?
2: What are your favourite and least favourite parts of blogging?
3: What is your favourite clothes shop?
4: What is your dream job?
5: Do you think guys and girls can ever really just best friends or is there something more?
6: Age old question: Are you a cat or a dog person?
7: Cadbury or Galaxy?
8: Film adaptation of books or the original books?
9: Thing you miss most from your childhood?
10: Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ryan Gosling?????
11: Favourite way to spend your weekend?

       I Nominate 
(I picked all different people to Aislings nominations to spread the Liebster love as far as possible - I renominate all of Aisling's choices as well as these lovely girls below :) )

2: Avril Blushfulbeauty

5: Sarah Rara giggles

7: Audrey The nail-affair

9: Sharon Miss-greeneyes

Thank you so much to Aisling again for being so sweet to nominate me!! xxxx


  1. Sarah thank you so much for the nomination, it really made my day! I loved reading your facts too :) I cry at almost every movie too haha :D

    1. But of course dear, your nail art talents are legendary!! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who blubs at all the movies!!x

  2. Nice post Sarah and no problemo re nominating0- Corcaigh abú! x


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