Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Collection Cover and Go Foundation Review

What the hell is this? Well quite frankly it is possibly the worst foundation I have ever tried. Now I normally LOVE Collection products, maybe that's why I'm so disappointed in this offering, or maybe it's because it's rubbish - I took pictures so you can decide!

I bought this foundation because I thought it would be super handy for just putting in my bag and doing touch ups during the day, especially with the concealer in the lid - it sounded fantastic! I got it for €6.39 when it came out because it was on offer but the regular price is €9.39 (and boy would I have been mad if I had paid full price).

I tried out this foundation one day when I wasn't going anywhere (my favourite time to try out new makeup) and I am so glad I did. You can see from the photos down below that I have quite shiny skin but usually with foundation this goes away and I get a pretty decent wear time out of my foundations (about 8-9 hours), with the cover and go though it did nothing to counteract shine (even with powder) and I actually think it made me look greasier. Collection, if a foundation makes the wearer look and feel like they've just applied a load of vaseline to their face there is something wrong! Besides all that, the colour (ivory - their lightest) was too dark for me (although this shouldn't necessarily deter others because most foundations are too dark for ol' ghostface here). I can't give an accurate estimation of how long the foundation lasted on me because a) I wanted to scrub it off as soon as I put it on; and b) it made my face shiny from first application so there was no way of telling whether it was the foundation or my natural shinyness on my skin.

The concealer looks like it would be good but it has such light coverage - which I understand people may go for in a foundation but surely for a concealer you actually want it to conceal?! As far as I could tell the concealer made no discernible difference to my spots.

Picture time (please excuse the horrific facial expression and insane shinyness)

Blank face

Cover and go foundation

Now I know this doesn't look too dark but trust me it is - you may be able to see better in the next picture....

Spot with no concealer (what a sexy picture title!) (also sorry for the random shadow)

spot with concealer

As I am on a tight budget and hate wasting money my plan is to mix the foundation with sun cream (to lighten it - and maybe use some of my beloved Face Atelier foundation in Zero minus if it need's more lightening) and to give a liberal dusting of powder on my face (possibly every hour) when wearing this product. I love the idea of a foundation and concealer duo for on the go but sadly for me Collection's Cover and Go foundation just isn't it....

Any other "on the go" foundation recommendations for me?

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