Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Champagne (Vodka) lifestyle, shoestring budget

Honestly I think that even if I was some kind of millionaire I would shop around to get the best deals on everything I could, I just love a bargain! There's nothing like seeing an item you got for €17 in one shop on sale for €20 somewhere else even though you could lose three euro and not notice it! I think it's the thrill of getting one over on "the man" or whoever it is that profits off my "I NEED THIS" attitude... So I thought I could help some sistah's (or brothah's) out and write my list for being on a budget as well as the cheapest shops to buy things. I already did a video on this a few months ago but I have discovered some more helpful tips recently so I will write them all down below. As a thank you you can send all the money you save to me, cheers ;)

Obvious ones

  • Shop the sale - probably the most cliche tip of all time but its cliche for a reason and the reason is that it's a really good tip!
  • Wait for offers/Be friends with the shops - I'm friends with or have "liked" my favourite shop's facebook pages because they post offers on there, alternatively you can just wait until you see offers in store like 3 for 2's etc and stock up on things then. Waiting for offers feels amazing because it's like going on a mini shopping spree with none of the guilt.
  • Shop around in store and online - some shops will have online only offers where you could save 20% on what you buy in store. It's also well worth shopping around different online shops to get the best offers. This tip counts for everything: clothes, make up, electricals etc can all be bought on multiple sites online so it's worth checking out where is selling what for cheaper (just make sure to take delivery rates into account too).

Less obvious

  • Don't buy drinks when you're out - seriously it is SO expensive! I can go on a night out and spend a €10 - one naggin of vodka and a mixer and I will have a great night. One naggin is 7 and a half drinks which makes it like less than a euro per drink, but out one drink could be €5, so if I didn't predrink I'd end up spending €35 instead of my €10! Plus predrinking is always the funnest part of my night anyway!
  • Shop the kids section!! If you are quite skinny you can get clothes there - loose tops and maxi dresses especially as these will tend to be bigger fitting but if you're not I recommend looking there for shoes. They usually go up to a size 5 or 6 for kid's shoes and they are SO MUCH CHEAPER than adults shoes.
  • For any chemist product I recommend shopping in your local one rather than boots - I know this seems like a weird tip and you would think Boots would be cheapest but recently I've noticed boots charging more than Sam McCauleys etc for lots of different products (one example springing to mind is L'oreal true match foundation which is €10 in Sam McCauleys but €15 in Boots!).
  • Girl time products (tampons and pads) are definitely cheapest in Aldi and the exact same quality as Always or any other brand ones (82 cent for Aldi brand compared to like €4 for a pack of "Always" somewhere).
If you have any tips leave them as comments down below - I'm always up for new ways to save money...

Sarah xx


  1. Ooh great tips will be picking up my girlie bits in Aldi from now on!

  2. Oh definitely agree! Also I buy loads of non-descript stuff like pasta, plain chocolate, etc in Aldi & then if there's something in particular I like, I'll go to Tesco or Dunnes or whatever.
    When going out, just leave before half eleven or whatever, to get the luas/ bus if in Dublin, instead of a taxi!
    Sign up to Deals websites/ brands newsletters etc & they usually offer you 10% off on first order, etc.

  3. I agree with the local chemists vs Boots. I only go to Boots nowadays when they have 3 for 2 deals on. I changed over to Sam McCauleys ages ago, plus I get a nurses discount :)


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