Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Current Hair Saviours

You possibly don't know this about me but I can be a bit of a bully, a hair bully!! I used to be so nice to my hair but in the past year or so I find myself using heat styling products much more than before and have also bleached all my ends in my quest for ombre hair. As you can imagine this has left my hair in a bit of a state to say the least. I cut my own hair (with an awesome tweezerman scissors) and so I am super aware of it's quality and the amount of split ends it has. Unfortunately I am not in a position to afford the apparent hair miracle that is Kerastase (will I ever be?!) and so I had to search for cheaper but hopefully-just-as-good alternatives. That's where L'oreal's (newish) range of shampoos and conditioners comes in. I saw these on offer in Tesco around the time of my birthday; it wasn't too much of an offer - just a third off but anyway) I figured it was a good time to try a more expensive shampoo than my usual l'oreal elive. I picked up the everpure shampoo (for coloured hair) and the everstrong conditioner (for damaged hair).

sorry for the horrific quality pic but trust me - you did not want to see a pic of how my actual bottles look at this stage!

These have quickly become my favourite hair products ever despite the price (normal price ~€8, reduced price ~€6), I have noticed a big different to the amount of split ends and general quality of the ends of my hair using the conditioner. One con is that I do need to wash my hair more often (before I could get away with 2 days in between washing but now it's gone to 1 and a half days) but then again I hear it's the same with Kerastase so maybe it's a good sign?! The smell is odd in both products - not unpleasant by any means but its certainly different to any shampoo or conditioner I've tried. The conditioner in particular is strange because it smells of rosemary and mint. The smell doesn't linger at all though (this could be good or bad depending on your point of view) but I'm glad it doesn't - minty hair ends is a step too far for me. Regardless I would definitely recommend and repurchase both products (but only if they were on offer again).

What do you think? Any other (cheapish) hair fixers I could add to my dream team?



  1. I love this brand. I'm also a big fan of the Aussie 3 minute hair masks but I would recommend trying a hair oil! They're great xx

  2. I really like these ones too. Aussie, Rich and John Frieda are all also fab xo

  3. I've seen this 'recipe' posted, though I've never tried it, but egg, avocado and honey as a hair mask is meant to be awesome. Please, put it in a shower cap, because the smell is likely to either make you hungry, or nauseated... Personally, I've taken to putting in coconut oil (you should be able to get plain coconut oil from a grocery store) an hour before showering - so usually on weekends when I have an hour before showering. It makes a slight difference, but I'm also reluctant to put too many 'chemically' products in my hair, so I'm not looking for insta-results.


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