Thursday, 6 June 2013

What Bloggers Did Next Meetup

So on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Irish bloggers and vloggers meet up organised by Katie  from What Katie Healy Did . The meet up was in Dublin which meant a 3 hour bus ride there and back home again but it was so so worth it! We met at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin and even though it is pretty central and easy to find I was still so so glad I have maps on my phone (I got lost in 1st, 3rd and 5th year of secondary school so going to Dublin solo is always a bit of a worry)!! This was my first time meeting Katie (who is even more gorgeous in real life and was wearing an incredible dress) as well as lots of other bloggers/vloggers in person! 

Orla from Make up Over Mind and Leanne from Rants-Raves-Rambles and I were some of the first people there so we went for a cocktail and waited for the other girls to arrive. The room filled up really quickly and before we knew it it was time to head to Inglot in the Jervis centre for a make up demonstration using some products from their new collection. The make up was gorgeous (and was the only picture I managed to get of the whole day - cocktails and good company do not leave brain room for remembering to take pictures)! 

after :)

          We each got a goody bag from Inglot even though for me the trip to Inglot was goody enough for me as I have only ever been twice. Avril from  Blushful Beauty had everyones attention telling us all about her favourite Inglot products which were quickly snapped up! Any Inglot questions should definitely be directed to her, who, incidentally should definitely get a job in Inglot because she would make them a fortune! I made use of Inglots freedom system and got myself a 5 pan eyeshadow palette which I am currently keeping on my bedside locker with my urban decay naked basics palette from Sian from Forever Fabulous in Bows  so that they are the last things I see before I go to sleep and the first things I see when I wake up (pretty good going for products i have only swatched thus far). I also got a  brush in Inglot (SS6) which was used during the make up demo because a) you can never have too many blending brushes b) Avril said they were good and c) all my brushes are scratchy and i wanted to treat myself to a soft one. Speaking of Avril she was wearing the most fabulous hat, she looked so cool, like someone from TV show or something! 
Freedom Palette

Inglot S66

I took a picture of my locker as proof!

I walked back to the hard rock with the aforementioned Orla and Avril as well as Hannah from A Bullet to the Head and Lisa from Scatterbrained Blogging I really wish I had pictures of the girls because they looked amazing, I especially loved Hannah's dungarees, they reminded me of something a modern day Coco Chanel would wear, not that I would know. So we got back to the Hard Rock and had awesome food, most people got starters which were both delicious and huge - pretty really good value for money when a starter fills you - noice wan Hard Rock!

The only bad thing about the meet up was that i didn't get to talk to everyone, some because of table geography and some because i was just too darn shy and mesmerized to introduce myself (Donna from Not Just Inside is a major regret as she is one of my favourite bloggers and so so funny!) After dinner Megan from A Little Bit of Make up and Beauty told a few of us about her amazing job (think an Irish version of coyote ugly mixed with people making cocktails by like juggling bottles etc  - which is called flairing by the way) and before i knew it it was (unfortunately) time to get my bus home! 

I had such an amazing day, thank you to Katie for organizing it!! Already looking forward to the next one :)