Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hedgehog Makeup

I wanted to make an easy make up look, this is not a transformation video, it's more like how I imagine a hedgehog would look if it was magically changed into a person. Sorry that the lighting goes a bit weird in the middle of the video, darn Irish "sun"! This definitely isn't my best make up look I know but I'm so glad and excited to be back to blogging and youtubing that I just wanted to put it up!

Products Used
Garnier BB cream in "light" (you want to use something that is darker than your face - truth be told if I had to recreate this look I would have applied fake tan which would have made it a lot easier!
Nyx eyeshadow base in "skin"
Sleek gel liner in "dominatrix"
Nyx eyeshadow in "black"
Nyx glide on slide on stay on the name goes on and on* liner in "black"
Boujois delice de poudre bronzer
Rimmel sunshimmer
Essence limited edition eyeshadow (no idea of the shade name - sorry)
Essence eyebrow powder
Duo eyelash adhesive

*may not be the actual name of the product but the name goes on forever...

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Straight Arrow Foot Miracle review

So...this is odd. Not the product - writing a blog post again - I haven't written one since June, which  is about the time I got Straight Arrow's Foot Miracle in the post (It should be noted that the foot cream is not why I haven't blogged).

Despite having an odd name, Foot Miracle is quite a good product. Obviously it is from the makers of the famous Mane n’ Tail horse shampoo and conditioner, currently used by humans to get soft and shiny hair (sidenote: I really like their conditioner and their hair strengthener which is one of the nicest smelling products ever).

 Foot Miracle is a "deep penetrating formula" that is "simply superb for rough, callused, hard-to-soften feet". To be honest my feet are in pretty good condition, they are relatively smooth and without calluses so I can't give a full review of the cream, however it does feel nice and smells good but for all I knew it could be any ol' moisturiser until the skin around the sides of my nose started getting dry and cracked. One night when I couldn't find my emulsifying ointment I got a bright (although potentially terrible) idea to use foot miracle. I'd like to pretend it's because I was watching Mean Girls and thought it would be cool to use foot cream on my face like Regina George did but it was just because I was lazy and wasn't bothered looking properly for my emulsifier. Anyway I figured that if Foot Miracle is for dry skin then it could potentially help my whole superficial naso lacrimal area (your nose sides where your tears would run down from your eyes for people that didn't study detailed facial anatomy). For once I was actually right - it totally worked AND as an added bonus it worked so well that I didn't have dry nose again for a whole week even without using any creams on it whereas I had been using emulsifying ointment every night. The dry skin did come back obviously but I have been using Foot Miracle on it once a week and it has worked better than other product I have used (and I've even used 8 Hour Cream on my delicate snozz)! I can't be entirely sure Foot Miracle is safe to put on your face so I'm not sure I can recommend everyone does a Regina George but if it worked on my nose that well chances are it will work on your feet or any other dry areas like your elbows or knees!

Question: Does anyone know/Do you think all Straight Arrow products work on humans and horses OR do you think they have separate horsey and human divisions within the company? I would rather like to think that all their products work on both species so if you don't like their foot cream you can treat a horse to a spa day and use it on them... (this is a genuine question by the way - I really want to know).