Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hedgehog Makeup

I wanted to make an easy make up look, this is not a transformation video, it's more like how I imagine a hedgehog would look if it was magically changed into a person. Sorry that the lighting goes a bit weird in the middle of the video, darn Irish "sun"! This definitely isn't my best make up look I know but I'm so glad and excited to be back to blogging and youtubing that I just wanted to put it up!

Products Used
Garnier BB cream in "light" (you want to use something that is darker than your face - truth be told if I had to recreate this look I would have applied fake tan which would have made it a lot easier!
Nyx eyeshadow base in "skin"
Sleek gel liner in "dominatrix"
Nyx eyeshadow in "black"
Nyx glide on slide on stay on the name goes on and on* liner in "black"
Boujois delice de poudre bronzer
Rimmel sunshimmer
Essence limited edition eyeshadow (no idea of the shade name - sorry)
Essence eyebrow powder
Duo eyelash adhesive

*may not be the actual name of the product but the name goes on forever...

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?


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