Monday, 11 November 2013

My Favourite Topcoat...Isn't Actually a Topcoat...

Honestly, I've never been much of a "nail" person, mostly because if I ever paint my nails it is guaranteed to have chipped within a few hours of wear. This annoys the perfectionist in me to no end and I either end up taking all the nail varnish and re-painting (which will invariably chip in another few hours) or painting layer upon layer over the chipped polish. I have tried a few different (mostly budget) topcoats, including the famed Seche Vite (which I hated by the way) but for the past few weeks I've been using something new to make my polish last. It all happened as a happy accident of my sloth. I had brought some polish from my bathroom to my bedroom so I could paint my nails in bed while watching The Office on Netflix. I did my base coat and two coats of polish when I realised I had forgotten to bring in my top coat. I don't let much things get in between me and Jim Halpert and a top coat is definitely not one of them, so I used my base coat as a top coat.
How could you refuse that face??!

Later on that day (and the next), much to my surprise there wasn't a sliver of my natural nail in sight! My nail polish had lasted without chipping. I have used my base coat as a top coat on a number of different polishes with the same result. The base/top coat I use is Essence Base Coat which is under €3.00 (I don't remember the price but it's much more pocket friendly than Seche Vite's €15! I don't know if it is the specific Essence Base Coat or if it applies to all Base Coats but with Essence offering the cheapest bottle I don't care to find out (if it's not broke and all that!)

So any other tips to help make nail polish last or any ideas why the base coat works so well as a top coat anyone?

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