Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ziaja Skincare

 I recently made some skincare purchases from Polish brand Ziaja on Original Beauty (an Irish stockist) - I had never heard of the brand until I say a blog post from the prettiest law professional (I don't know technical law terms!)- Aisling from Total Make Up Addict, talking about a Ziaja eye cream. After some further investigating (investigating for me always involves searching and other Irish blogs to see if they have any mentions/reviews of products) I decided to give Ziaja a whirl!

I made a video talking about the products if you prefer listening to reading!

        On the Original Beauty Website you can shop by lines e.g the Marine Algae Line or the Goats Milk Line or by product types such as cleansers/toners etc. The first thing that hit me about Ziaja is how cheap everything is - super important to a pre employed (a.k.a unemployed) girl! I easily filled up my cart to €30 - the amount you need for free delivery and waited for my goodies to arrive.
      Shipping was really fast and came with a load of free samples - ALWAYS a  huge plus! Overall I am really impressed with the products and will definitely be repurchasing - I also have product requests from my mom after she saw my haul! The products I got were as follows:

Aloe Face Toner - €3.99 for 200mls
This is a hydrating toner. It works really well - it doesn't smell the best but you can only smell it for a few seconds so it's not really a problem. I've never used a hydrating toner but I do find my skin has gotten much better since I've used it. I use it morning and night after my exfoliating toner and before moisturiser.

Marine Algae Micellar Water - €4.49 for 200mls
This is basically a dupe for Bioderma - one of my favourites from my haul! It's great as a make up remover or just to refresh my skin - it has that really nice light tingling feeling which makes it feel really nice. Definitely need to try the other micellar waters.

Duo Phase Eye Make Up Remover - €4.49 for 200mls

This is a two-layer eye make up remover which works really well for removing day to day eye make up, although it doesn't perform as well for any heavy duty make up....

Marine Algae Smoothing Eye Cream - €6.49 for 15mls

This is the only thing I regret buying but only because I'm allergic to it - which to be fair is not the eye creams fault - my eyes are insanely sensitive and seem to swell at the mere hint of an eye cream which is rather unfortunate since I have lots of super sexy eye wrinkles :/ This eye cream is the product I read about on Aisling's blog and she did like it so if you don't have insane eyes you're probably ok to give it a go.

Cocoa Butter Hand Cream - €2.99 for 80mls
This smells amazing! It is very light and is a really great beginners hand cream

Marine Algae Smoothing Enzyme Peeling - €4.49 for 60mls
This enzyme peeling is a great alternative to physical exfoliators which can damage the skin. You apply it, leave it for 10 -15 minutes and then wash it off. It leaves my face super smooth - as good as a physical exfoliator but without the damage :)

Natural Olive Cleansing Gel - €3.99 for 200mls
This is a really lovely product. I use it to cleanse in the mornings - what I like most about this is that you don't need to wash it off which makes it perfect for bedheads such as myself. I can do my whole morning face routine while huddling under my duvet!

I'm very excited to try lots more Ziaja products - I think I'll have a spa day with my mom and sister and try out all the amazing samples and we can decide what else to order. 

Have you ever tries any Ziaja products? What would you recommend?

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