Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus Review

Ojon's Restorative Treatment Plus was a (very thoughtful and generous) Christmas present from my mom and came as part of a set with a sample size of shampoo, conditioner and a full size hairspray. Ojon is a luxury brand and has a reputation for having products that can actually restore hair due to the addition of palm oil which is one of the only oils that has been shown to have the ability to be actually absorbed by the hair follicle. Having accidentally burned my hair off, which has lead to a frizzy mess of literal straw at the ends of my hair (which used to be super straight and super sleek by the way) I've been trying everything I can to restore it - I was so excited to try this product out when I saw that my mom had gotten it for me (probably as a present for her as well as me though because I'm sure she was sick of my incessant complaining). Mine was a sample size as part of a set which I'm not going to look up the price for because it was a present but you can get a full size of the mask (100ml) in Boots for €39. To find out how I got on keep reading....

Untouched product

When you open the tub the treatment is actually a solid that you have to scrape out and rub between your hands until it turns into an oil which you apply to your hair.
It comes with a lid/scraper!

You leave the mask on for twenty minutes before washing it out but I left mine on for an hour because my hair is super damaged. I took a few photographs of some of my hairs before and after so you could see the difference for yourself. These photographs have been edited to enable you to see the hairs clearly. I'm not sure if you can tell the extent of the damage in these pictures, but for me this is a huge change to my normal hair texture (before the burn incident). My hair used be perfectly straight (which I hated because I really want curly

hair)  - in fact it was so sleek and smooth that curls and even backcombing used fall out really quickly, so having any pieces of hair sticking out is alien to me. Also obviously the pieces that are sticking out are damaged where they bend so they feel really awful.

I cut random ends of my hair for both the before and after pictures...

Before the treatment...

After the treatment

So I think it’s pretty obvious that it made no difference -  I don’t know if it’s because the product isn’t that good or my hair is just too damaged for it to make a difference (lots of people rave about it). I’m going to keep going with it because I have it but this is something I definitely won’t be repurchasing, seriously this gets 0 out of 5 stars....

Do you have any haircare saviors/magic spells/anything that could help me restore my hair? Let me know, I am desperate!

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