Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ur Makeup Beauty Sponge

Hello lovely peeps - today I wanted to write about the Ur Makeup Beauty Sponge. Ur Makeup is the brainchild of make up artist Nicola Graham which currently sells some make up accessories but will be launching more products in the future...(watch this space!)

Sponge being taken for a ride on my bunny :)

The first thing that struck me about this sponge is the colour. While most sponges are bright colours this one is flesh toned – this may seem like something super menial to notice but I really like it because it looks more professional and mature than a bright pink blob for if you were doing someone else's makeup, however they do have a multitude of colours on their website if you prefer more eye catching tools. For me I quite like bright colours but if I was doing makeup on an older person I would definitely go with the flesh toned colour.

This sponge works really well – it really blends foundation into the skin and helps to make it last longer. Much like a beauty blender it has a rounded bottom and a pointed top to help you get into all the hard to reach areas on the face. It's pretty hard to describe how well a sponge works but I have been saving it for use on all my big nights out since I got it because I find that it gives a more flawless coverage than my brushes so that's a pretty really good sign.

The sponge is really great but if you have a sponge you are currently happy with I wouldn’t bother getting it and throwing away your current one; however if you don’t have a sponge or need a new one then I would definitely recommend trying this one out – at €4.00 its much cheaper than its counterparts and works just as well (AND it's currently on sale for €3.20)

You can purchase Ur beauty at and while you're there you should check out their silicone mascara wands (review coming shortly) and their gorgeous mini brush sets which would be PERFECT for traveling or make up on the go.

This product was sent to me but this review is 100% my honest opinion :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Haul - Make up/Skincare and Miscellaneous

Hi all, I filmed a haul video so just wanted to put it up here! Haul is totally Orla from Makeup Over Mind's fault because I watched one of her vids before I went to town and she put me in a huge mood for shopping!!

Just some bits I picked up over the last few months and one day in town! Hope you like the video.

Sarah xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Viviscal Hair Growth Programme Poetry Corner

Growing up my hair was the only part of my physical appearance I liked - it was always quite shiny, easy to manage, well conditioned etc. About two years ago I self-ombred my hair and it worked out pretty well - my hair did get a bit dry afterwards of course but I made sure to give it lots of TLC and attention and it was doing ok. Then last September I decided to do a home perm. I had always wanted curly hair due to an obsession with Shirley Temple from the age of 6 which resulted in me curling it most nights in sponge rollers before I went to sleep. I was due to be going on holidays and I knew the sponge roller curls wouldn't last after swimming etc so I decided a perm was the way to go. I got a kit it Boots which said it was for colour treated hair and applied it. I rinsed it out and got the biggest fright of my life when my hair literally crumpled away in my hands, about 4 inches disintegrated away. Obviously I cut away any damaged areas but what had been "mermaid hair" (hair that flows down beneath your bust) was now a horrible choppy bob! I was distraught!

I tried for months to get the ends to a proper condition (they still aren't) and prayed every night to the hair gods to make my hair grow so I could restore it to its former state. In December I went a bloggers meetup in Cork organized by the lovely Marian of High Life of Mars and in the goody bags was a beautiful cerise and white box of Viviscal! I had heard of Viviscal before, I knew Laura from Fitz n Bitz did a review on it and I was so excited to see it lying in wait for me in my goody bag, a present from the hair gods themselves after months of unanswered prayers! The box contained 60 tablets which you are meant to take twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) so that one box lasts for one month - however I decided to be different and take one a day as it would mean I would be using Viviscal for longer. The tablets are small enough - about the size of 1 cent and are easy to swallow which is super important for me as I only mastered the art of swallowing tablets when I was about 16 and can't take anything too big (there's a joke in there somewhere but I ain't making it!)

So it's been 45 days since I started using them - have I noticed a difference in hair growth? Holy Moly Yes!! My hair has grown about 1.5 inches (I didn't measure it when I started taking them unfortunately so I only have estimates). I am so so impressed with these. Unfortunately they are well out of my budget to go buy another box but if you do have a bit of disposable income I definitely recommend these - I would totally buy a lifetime supply if I could. I'll be very sorry to say goodbye to these in 15 days when I finish off my supply but I am so grateful for the boost it has provided my hair. I'll still pray to the hair gods and maybe one day if I sacrifice an Autumn harvest or something and they may bless me with another box and I will be able to have my mermaid hair again,
til then chums I'm gonna write a poem about Viviscal to appease my hair overlords...

Sarah Sarah, quite contrarah
How does your ha-ir grow?
With hair-god prayers and conditionairs       ((spelled the way it needs to be pronounced))
And Viviscal tabs all in a row